The World Transformation Movement Gujarat Centre was established to promote the world-transforming explanation of the human condition presented by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith — see Founded by Deepak Bhatt, the Gujarat Centre is the first WTM Centre to open in India and forms part of a global network of centres around the world that are bringing Griffith’s ‘answers of truth’ to the mystery of human behaviour.

“The dark night is over and the sun is rising at the horizon in the human condition free world. Biologist Jeremy Griffith’s answers of truth end suffering, allowing freedom to start in everyone’s life.” Deepak Bhatt

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Deepak Bhatt has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute, Bhavnagar. He worked in the chemical industry as a Mechanical Draftsman and Engineering Services Manager. A passionate scholar of spiritualism, philosophy and the sciences, and a life-long resident of Bhavnagar, Deepak speaks Gujarati, Hindi and English.

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Read how Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation of the human condition finally makes it possible to understand the true integrative meaning of life and the laws of physics that govern it — and recognise that ‘God’ is actually the personification of this physical process!

  • DNA helix and man
  • “There is an orderliness in the Universe, there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives…That law then which governs all life is God.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    (from Louis Fischer’s Gandhi: His Life and
    Message for the World

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  • FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition

    FREEDOM is the definitive presentation of the biological explanation of the human condition needed for the complete understanding of human behaviour and the ultimate amelioration of all the underlying psychosis in human life.

  • Book cover of FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith - World Transformation Movement

“I have no doubt FREEDOM provides the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race. This is the book we have been waiting for, it is the book that saves the world.”

Professor Harry Prosen, a former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

“Solving the ‘human condition’ has the power to end all of the suffering because it deals with the fundamental insecurity that drives all of human psychosis. FREEDOM has to be the most important book ever written.”

Tim Macartney-Snape, AM OAM, Australian biologist & mountaineer

“What theology refers to as ‘the sinful nature of man’, or ‘the fall of man from the Garden of Eden’, Jeremy Griffith scientifically explains as a heroic state through humanity’s epic search for self-knowledge to understand the human condition.”

Dorine Mwesigwa, founder of WTM Centres in Uganda & the West Midlands, UK

“The future of humankind depends upon these hard-won truths and the beautiful integrity with which Jeremy Griffith expresses it all.”

Linda MacCarthy, WTM Dublin founder

“This is the Movement that will take us all to our destiny — together.”

Reginald Khotshobe, WTM Eastern Cape (South Africa) founder


MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!

“This interview and Jeremy’s understanding of the human condition should be shared with all the world’s Ambassadors and broadcast into their nations.” Deepak Bhatt

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WTM Global Network

Alongside the original WTM Centre in Sydney, Australia, World Transformation Movement Centres are being established around the world to help bring to everyone the now desperately needed all-relieving and all-explaining biological understanding of the underlying issue in all of human life of our troubled human condition.

Visit the WTM’s Transformation page to learn more about the formation of these Centres. You can access the following examples of WTM Centre websites by clicking on their images below.

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